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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What To Collect - OPC NHL 2009-10

Anyone who knows hockey cards knows that there is one set that must be collected each year no matter what. O-Pee-Chee Hockey has been around since before many of us started collecting. It has seen good days and bad... it has worked in combo with Topps and it is now owned by Upper Deck. If you want cards of Hall of Famers, you no doubt want their OPC rookie card. Even though it is considered a low-end product due to its price point, collectors young and old, new and experienced, tend to break lots of packs or lots of boxes of this historic product.

In 2009-10, there is an awesome 600-card set that is the epitome of set collecting! It features a variation retro-set of the entire regular set. There are Canadian Heroes insert cards to collect, averaging 1 per box, which even contains some of the best women hockey players in Canada! Also returning this year are the laminated, rainbow foil inserts that shine as bright as the players! Although not deep in rookie cards, OPC contains RCs of players who debuted near the end of the '08/09 season. There are lots of hits and the ever-popular quad memorabilia and buyback cards. A must-buy!

OPC NHL 2009-10 is out now and available at Canada Card World

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