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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Preview - 2009-10 UD Champs

Upper Deck is returning to the land of the dinosaurs again this season with 2009-10 UD Champs. Definitely not your typical hockey card product, UD Champs contains hockey players as well as dinosaurs, fossils, artifacts, bones, historical figures, and endangered species on tobacco-style mini cards.

Typical Box Break Summary:
4 Signature or Jersey cards
1-2 Mini Signatures and 5 Mini Rookie Cards
2 Mini Threads
10 Wonders of the World/Natural History/Historical Figures cards
1 Red Back mini parallel card
8 Regular-Sized Parallels

Projected Key Inserts:
Museum Pieces:
Dinosaur Teeth, Golden Jurassic Amminites, Paradoxides Trilobite, Turtle Claw, Great White Shark Tooth, Giant Armadillo Claw, Woolly Mammoth Molar Tooth, Giant Capybara Molars, Aurochs Thoracic Vertibra, Wild Boar Fossil Teeth and more.

Mini Signatures:
Alexander Ovechkin, LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Dr. J, Bobby Orr, Steve Yzerman, John Tavares, Gordie Howe, Carey Price, Martin Brodeur and others!

2009-10 UD Champs will be released in March 2010 and will be available at Canada Card World.

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