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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Fun-Day Fun-Facts

Donald and Russell Weiner founded the Donruss company in 1954 by combining their first names to create the company name.

In the early days of the Donruss company, it mainly produced entertainment-themed trading card sets. Titles like "Saturday Night Fever", "Elvis Presley", "Kiss", and "Dallas" were some of its most popular.

A court ruling in 1981 barred both Fleer and Donruss from using gum in their products. Fleer switched to team logo stickers in 1982 and Donruss decided to include jigsaw puzzle pieces with a pack of cards instead of gum.

The first baseball product produced by Donruss for 1981 was full of errors and printed on flimsy card stock. There were no factory sets and cards were shipped to dealers in 100 count lots which then had to be collated by hand.

1982 Donruss baseball saw the introduction of the fan favourite Diamond Kings subset by noted sports artist Dick Perez.

In the late summer of 2005, Major League Baseball chose to only renew their licenses with Topps and Upper Deck, thereby sealing the fate of Donruss and its baseball card line.

In 2009, Panini Spa. of Italy purchased Donruss.

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  1. so you think that sunday is the fun day for all...? i think we can make our all days like fun days....

    love sms