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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Upcoming NHL Hobby Box Release Dates

Below is an updated list of all major hockey releases for the next few months. All release dates are subject to change.

09/10 UD Black Diamond Hockey - December 29th, 2009
09/10 UD Collectors Choice Hockey - January 5th, 2010
09/10 Upper Deck SPx Hockey - January 12th, 2010
09/10 UD Trilogy Hockey - January 19th, 2010

09/10 ITG Heroes and Prospects - January 27th, 2010
09/10 UD SP Game Used Hockey - January 28th, 2010
09/10 National Hockey Card Day - January 30th, 2010

09/10 Upper Deck Series 2 - February 9th, 2010
09/10 Famous Fabrics -February 24th, 2010
09/10 Upper Deck Ice - February 24th, 2010
09/10 Upper Deck Champs - March 10th, 2010
09/10 Upper Deck SP Authentic - April 1st, 2010

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