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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Fun-Day Fun-Facts

Pro Set was a Dallas-based sports card company founded by Ludwell Denny. Denny acquired a card license after making and selling other NFL memorabilia in previous years. His licensing agreement with NFL Properties gave Pro Set the distinction of being "The Official NFL Card," which they held through 1991.

At its peak, Pro Set had a 44,000-square-foot headquarters and 225 employees. For several years, Pro Set flooded the market with their product. In 1994 they folded due to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Pro Set was famous for errors and variations. The most sought after variation from 1990 Pro Set is the Fred Marion of the New England Patriots card. The card is controversial because the card features San Francisco 49ers John Taylor in the background and the belt from Taylor's pants came undone. The positioning of the belt gives the appearance that his private area is exposed but it is just a shadow and the belt.

After disappearing in the 1960s, the Parkhurst hockey card brand was resuscitated in 1991 by Dr. Brian Price (currently behind In The Game) and licensed to Pro Set. Pro Set promoted Parkhurst as a premium brand of cards.

Pro Set offered cards in various languages. In 1991, Pro Set featured football cards in Spanish, hockey cards in French, and soccer cards in the "King's English."

In 1992, Pro Set created a 100 card set based on the Guinness Book of World Records. They also created sets for PGA Golf.

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