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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Upper Deck NFL 2009 - Own the Rookies

The 2009 NFL season has been an exciting one with standout performances every week from the rookies. From Mark Sanchez securing a victory in his first game to Jeremy Maclin’s breakout game in Week 5, it’s clear this rookie class is insanely good! Any fan who was watching Wild Card weekend couldn’t dispute the impact of this year’s rookie class when it mattered most. Chris “Beanie” Wells, Shonn Greene and Mark Sanchez all turned in spectacular performances in their respective playoff games. Fans will expect no less from offensive rookie of the year Percy Harvin this weekend.

Throughout the season Upper Deck has been selecting a rookie of the week on the company’s website. Now Upper Deck is bringing the first 10 rookies selected to collectors through a redemption program beginning in February. The cards will be available at “Diamond Dealer” hobby shops throughout the United States. Collectors can visit these dealers to receive one of the limited rookie cards for free with the purchase of $10 or more of 2009 Upper Deck NFL packs.

The content for Upper Deck’s “Own the Rookies” set is unique as the set spotlights the top rookie performance from the first 10 weeks of the NFL season. From Matthew Stafford recording his first win with the Lions to Minnesota’s Percy Harvin making exciting plays week after week, this unique set is a great way to chronicle what makes these players the next generation of superstars.

“As rookies drive the NFL trading card business, we felt this would be a program football fans could appreciate,” explained Chris Carlin, sports marketing manager for Upper Deck. “This is a great way to help drive passionate football fans to hobby shops when there is a full slate of Upper Deck NFL product on shelves that fans can choose from. Collectors are always after the best rookies and Upper Deck can deliver that like nobody else can.”

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