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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today is National Hockey Card Day In Canada

If giving away a free pack of Upper Deck NHL cards to everyone in Canada on Saturday, Jan. 30, wasn’t enough, they've upped the ante for this year’s National Hockey Card Day. As the NHL’s exclusive manufacturer of licensed hockey trading cards, Upper Deck has hidden 11 major memorabilia prizes at hobby shops throughout Canada as part of the company’s second “Holiday Hunt” program. Items up for grabs include hockey helmets signed by several top 2009 NHL rookies including John Tavares, Victor Hedman and Jonas Gustavsson; a game-issued Pascal LeClaire jersey; and plenty of 2009 NHL Draft autographed mini sticks and pucks individually signed by the likes of Matt Duchene, Evander Kane and other top rookies.

Deciphering where the store is located is just the first part of the hunt. In addition to the store’s image, Upper Deck will also post which pack of hockey cards collectors need to purchase in order to win the prize. You can take home one of the 11 hidden prizes if you are the first person in the correct store to purchase the proper Upper Deck pack (brand and year) and say the phrase, “I love Upper Deck’s Holiday Hunt!”

“We’ve seen tremendous support for our social media initiatives from sports fans this year and during our previous Holiday Hunt in December,” said Carrie Peterson, Upper Deck’s online marketing manager. “National Hockey Card Day provides us with a great opportunity to thank people who have become fans of our Facebook page and who have followed us on Twitter. It will be interesting to see how long it takes people to find these prizes. We encourage them to use all forms of social media to communicate with each other, problem solve and ultimately bring these great hockey prizes home.”

With nearly 200 Canadian hobby shops participating in National Hockey Card Day, finding the right shop may not be easy so collectors should familiarize themselves with their local shops now since these prizes are all top shelf. For a list of participating shops, visit Check out Upper Deck’s Facebook page at and Upper Deck’s Twitter page at to catch the clues you’ll need to win items from Upper Deck’s second Holiday Hunt.

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