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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And the Award Goes To...

... Canada Card World - The Blog?

Upper Deck has released the finalists for the inaugural Upper Deck Best Blog award and thanks to our loyal fans, we have been nominated.

Now. It's great to be nominated. Most definitely. But... just like everyone else, we would like to win the Best Blog award from Upper Deck.

And you can help! In return... we might have free stuff for you!

To win the award, we need you to vote for us. Voting is simple. Just click a vote on our blog, enter the 4 digit number so they know you're not a spammer, and that's it. No emails addresses, no pains. The link is:

Upper Deck Best Blog Award Voting

After voting for the Canada Card World blog, visit our newly re-designed blog at and post a comment on one of our stories. We'll give you credit. Vote everyday and we'll give you more credit. Recruit friends to vote for us and we'll give you and them credit. Only one vote per person per day but if you can recruit friends then you can really increase your chances.

If Canada Card World - The Blog wins the Upper Deck Best Blog award we'll win free stuff from Upper Deck. Free stuff for you! In exchange for your comments and the credit you receive, you'll get entries into a contest for free stuff. We'll post a video of these draws and who knows... you might be a winner!

The more you help us... the more you help yourself get free products from Upper Deck!

So vote! And maybe we'll both win!

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