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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upper Deck Unveils Social Media Online Awards

The online world can be a lonely place... but Upper Deck is trying to making it a rewarding place as well. As collectors, we all look for places to belong, trustworthy information, and most importantly, fun. It is not always easy finding the best and the brightest on the internet but Upper Deck is attempting to shine the spotlight of those select few who deserve our attention.

This week, Upper Deck unveiled a program to honour the best online trading card communities, most influential bloggers, and favourite video box-breakers on the internet. The company is also preparing to give massive exposure and phenomenal prizes to the winners of the new Upper Deck Social Media Awards. The awards will be voted on by collectors through an online poll in the coming weeks.

“It’s pretty difficult for collectors to work their way through cyberspace to find the online trading card community, informed opinions or videos they are looking for,” said Chris Carlin of Upper Deck. “We felt that creating an award program that helps collectors find the best sites on the web would be a win-win for our collectors and for those who have put so much into these communities, blogs and videos.”

The top five online trading card communities will each receive high-profile links on Upper Deck’s Community page to help increase their exposure. In addition, the hobby communities will be featured in an article on the Upper Deck Blog. Finally, the top rated online trading card community will receive a crystallized trophy, a variety of unopened product, a LeBron James-signed UDA basketball, and a 2009 NFL Rookie Photo Shoot signed football to use as giveaways within their online community.

As for bloggers, it’s hard for them to get the attention they deserve. As a reward, Upper Deck is hoping to identify the best bloggers as voted on by collectors. The top five bloggers will receive links on the Upper Deck Blog along with a review on their blogs. The top-rated blogger will receive a trophy, unopened product, and a 2009 NFL Rookie Photo Shoot signed football.

And last but not least, Upper Deck will reward some of collectors’ favourite online box-busters. The top five video box-breakers will each receive a free box to review that will then be shown on the Upper Deck Diamond Vision site. The top online box-breaker will also receive a trophy, various product over the upcoming year, and have their videos featured on Upper Deck’s Diamond Vision site.

Nominations for the three awards began yesterday on Upper Deck’s Facebook page and voting will begin on March 29th, 2010. Upper Deck will announce the winners on April 7th, 2010 and will hopefully recognize them at the 2010 Las Vegas Industry Summit the following week.

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