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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NHL Trade Deadline Day

NHL Trade Deadline Day 2010 is today. Unlike the other major sports, the NHL sees a flurry of action on this day, whether big names or small names. Most importantly, a change in location for a player can change his fortune, his future, and his value to collectors.

In the lead up to Deadline Day, the two biggest names traded were Dion Phaneuf and Kari Lehtonen. Both were highly regarded young players who needed a change. Phaneuf was going through a year and a half of uninspired play in Calgary and Lehtonen was playing through another injury-filled season. Phaneuf will now be the centrepiece of the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and Lehtonen will be the starting goaltender next year for the Dallas Stars as Marty Turco will more than likely move on through free agency.

As seen earlier this season with the swap of Guillaume Latendresse and Benoit Pouliot by Minnesota and Montreal, a trade can be beneficial to both players. Not only did these two young players get more ice time, they also lit the lamp at an impressive rate in their new surroundings.

Who will be traded today and how many futures will change? Team collectors and player collectors will be swarming hobby boards and eBay as new players join and leave their teams. Rookie card speculators will also be lookng for that certain player who now has a mammoth opportunity with a new team.

CCW hopes you enjoy the day from a collecting stand-point and for the best of your favourite team.

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